Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Disappointment : MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation**

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Sorry to disappoint with the lack of blog posts but I've been writing end of year exams BUT I'M NOW ON HOLIDAY FOR 3 WHOLE MONTHS!! So prepare for blog post overload**

Anyway so getting into this review on the MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation with SPF 15...

Maybe I should start by saying that I am MAC OBSESSED so this is no indication of my opinion of MAC products. I love their eyeshadows and my absolute favourite Mineralize Skinfinish Powder that I cannot live one day without.

However, this foundation was beyond disappointing. I went into MAC to try and move away from the Essence soft touch mousse foundation, which I used for a good year, into a liquid foundation. I thought just do yourself a favor and go and buy a high end foundation so that they can match your colour perfectly and you'll know that it will be great. In the past I have really struggled when buying foundation at a drugstore because I clearly have no skill when it comes to choosing the right colour for my skin tone. (exciting news: I am now having better luck with this)

So the colour match was perfect in MAC however whenever I wear it, it oxidizes on my skin (changes colour) into a gross orange tone and looks really strange. Obviously this would not happen to everyone, it would just depend on how your skin reacts with the foundation.

Another problem I found is that it has a very light coverage which is nice if you want something that isn't too heavy on the skin. The foundation is also not build-able so if you have an imperfection it won't be covered unless you use concealer, which looks super strange in contrast with the light coverage. The foundation therefore annoyed me because it looked okay when I start wearing it and then as time passes the foundation wears off and your skin becomes more exposed.

The worst part of this foundation has got to be that the foundation becomes spotty after a while. I'm not sure how to properly describe this but basically it doesn't stay beautifully smooth on the face, it moves into the skin creases and almost separates.

Overall I can say that the problems which I had were around the fact that this foundation doesn't last long enough. By long enough I mean that, oxidizing aside which happens after about thirty minutes, it lasts about three hours before it starts looking gross and before that it doesn't look amazing either. Not to mention the steep price tag. Therefore I would not recommend this foundation, however, if you do want to go for a MAC foundation I know quite a few people who really enjoy the Studio Fix foundation, which I've heard has more coverage and lasting power. I would recommend talking to the MAC artists and asking them to try it out on your whole face and then wearing the foundation for a whole before going back to purchase it, just to be certain that the high price tag is worth it.

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P.S. This review is my own personal experience with this foundation and if you love this foundation then I apologize.