Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Secret beauty tips

Morning (for me) world :)

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while, but my inspiration has been at a minimum. However, I have now put some thoughts towards this blog post so here goes …

I thought that today I'd share with you three of my secret beauty tips.

1.    Run out of make-up remover/ staying over at the boyfriend and desperately needing to prevent raccoon eyes in the morning – not a sexy look :P The solution: Baby oil is your first choice, extra moisturising and  soft on the eyes. Vaseline is the next, moisturising and a secret eyelash growth serum. Yes that’s right, your little tub of lip balm could be a solution to your stubby eyelashes – give it a try. Both these products will (when placed on a cotton swab) remove the remains of eye make-up.

2.    For those with curly hair (LIKE ME), I know that brushing those locks gives you a 80s fro but lets be serious. That twice a year comb through is impossible so I have a secret solution: Kiddies detangler… My preferred brand is the Organics product (complete with a cute octopus on the bottle). Once out of the shower, after a fresh shampoo and conditioning, spray the detangler onto your wet locks and brush… I like to do this once a week to keep to mane under control. If your results were like mine, you’ll find that your curls sit nicely once they’re dry. YAY for controlled curly hair!

3.  A little birdie once told me that the main base to all face powder is baby powder.Therefore on those days when you're getting a little extra greasy in certain areas, instead of caking on more powder, just add a dab of baby powder. It will absorb the excess oil without making you look more and more caked throughout the day. 

 Thank you for reading. Keep checking my blog out for more useful secret beauty tips <3 

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