Friday, 28 December 2012

Consequences of being youtube obsessed ...

Don't you just love those companies that put everything in the small print. Today I got a lovely call from my mommy saying that she had casually got a 1000ZAR phone bill for my Blackberry. To put this into perspective my contact is 300ZAR a month and I've never gone a cent over it ... So you can imagine my surprise.

I have a Blackberry Bold - the new touch one - which was my upgrade from a Blackberry Curve. My gravitation to Blackberrys was due to the unlimited internet option which I had had in the previous Curve as well as the new Bold. 

Now going back in time a little bit to my meeting with Caspar Lee: 
( sorry for the bad quality - was taken with my phone in a club)

After seeing him basically every night while at a one week festival for school leavers, I basically fell in love with how gorgeous he is in person (blush face). If you do not know who he is, he is a you tuber ( ) who makes random funny videos. After watching all of his videos, I came to find other gorgeous you tubers to watch and drool over :P And so my youtube obsession was born.

And as my youtube obsessed increased with every clip I watched, so my phone bill secretly increased and increased until BAM - back to the present...

So sadly it turns out that my unlimited internet bundle thingy does not include youtube *tear ... More awkwardly is having to explain to my mom what I was watching so much of, hoping that she wasn't secretly thinking I'm a porn head ... 

Thanks for reading my little rant ... Let me know what other annoying things have happened to you ...

If you to want to be a little youtube obsessed ... here are a few of the you tubers who I watch:

Caspar Lee: - his videos will definitely be getting better as he is moving to London to live with the other you tubers :)

PointlessBlog aka Alfie: 

Marcus Butler aka HOTTIE :

Jacksgap (hot twins :D) :

Zoella ( beauty videos :D ) :


  1. Sure thing :) they're suprisingly addictive :P as my cellphone bill shows :P xx