Friday, 4 October 2013

New summer items **

The excitement of a new season is upon us and for us Southies this season brings floral dresses and cute sandals :D Although I'm surprised how well I embraced last winter, I'm definitely ready to step into the brighter shades and bold prints.

 With this excitement brings many happy shopping trips - which I of course hate with a passion.... JOKES!! Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of my new wardrobe editions ... 

Okay so I know these aren't really summer options, but they were so cute, I couldn't help myself. And surprisingly I've really been enjoying wearing them over this transition period when there are the odd colder days. Super comfy for us university goers, they make walking between classes a breeze. And these All Stars come in tons of super fun colours.  

 Next up is probably my favourite purchase ever! I mean seriously my earrings are on a date.... Boy-girl penguin earrings to make my life. Love wearing these unique earrings and they make a suprisingly good conversation starter.

So these sandals mark the start of my absolute obsession with jelly shoes! Watch this space - by the end of the season I expect my shoe cupboard to be filled with these guys. The only prob is that they're a bit uncomfortable at first while the plastic is still softening but after some time they become crazily comfy...  And the gold detail of these jellies is super cute for summer. Added bonus: they show off a sexy summer pedi perfectly.
P.S. Excuse the chipped nail polish 

 This is just the beginning.... 

Loves from Lollie 

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