Thursday, 27 December 2012

Always a good day when MAC comes my way ...

Thank goodness for MAC vouchers and brothers who have no clue what to buy you :D So today I was able to walk into MAC and buy something that was not going to put me in the red. YAY!

Here's what I chose : MAC Fix+ / Finishing Mist 

When I went to a festival recently, one of my friends brought this MAC product along. It is literally to most amazing product ever! You could go out all night, dance as much as you want and arrive home with all your make-up still in place. My friend's make-up (finished with this mist) stayed on after a swim in the sea (shocked face). I am so excited to now have my own bottle! At only 195 ZAR (south african rand) it's a complete bargain and definitely a make-up bag must have :) 

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