Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Make-up DON'Ts

Hi all, this is my first post EVER ... hopefully you'll enjoy this beauty blog, if so LET ME KNOW.

Here are a few of my make-up don'ts :

1) BLUE EYESHADOW ... It doesn't work on anyone and no it doesn't highlight your blue eyes. However, i do enjoy a minor blue liner which is almost unnoticeable. This will bring the blue pigments in your eye to the attention of someone looking at you. Personally, you can't go wrong with well applied browns and charcoals.

2) WRONG COLOUR FOUNDATION ... This is the biggest don't in the book. Make sure to apply the sample to your jawline, if it looks like it blends into the skin then you've got a winner! YAY for you :) The problem with drugstore foundations are that they don't come in many color options so in order to find your color you may have to search through a few brands. Otherwise if you're willing to splurge on a foundation then head into your nearest  Mac, Bobby Brown etc. to get a profession consultation. I eventually gave into the Mac temptation after my drugstore color was discontinued ... best decision I ever made :) 

3) NOT USING PRIMER ... In my opinion primer is an essential all girl's (or boy's :P ) make-up bag. Primer allows you to wear make-up all the time and not feel (too) bad. It basically seals off the skin so that the foundation can't enter your pores. It also creates a smooth canvas on which to create a smooth foundation finish. 

4) ADDING PLUMP ... lets get serious, you cannot make your lips fuller by putting the lipstick where you wish your lips were. You are just going to look ridiculous so just be normal and wear your lipstick on your actual lips. For lip plumping visit your plastic surgeon not your favorite lipstick counter. 

5) NOT ATTENDING TO THE BROWS ... this is something that I have only started doing recently, despite being blonde and having nonexistent brows. After finally purchasing a Mac brow pencil my life has changed... I HAVE BROWS :D I just feel like it finishes off a make-up look. Otherwise if you has seriously defined brows (lucky fish!) you're not off the hook that easy, I good shaping every now and then would do you good. 

6) WEARING 500 COLOURS ON YOUR EYES ... I know your new eyeshadow pallet is pweety but that doesn't mean that you can wear every color at once (not that I agree with colored shadow). Keep the shadows within the same colour family. A darker one for the eye ridge, a highlighter colour for above the ridge and in the inner corner and a paler tone for the rest of the eye. 

7) ALL THAT GLITTERS ... unless your going to a dress up party as a sparkly princess glitter is not a good idea. Leave the glitter for the little ones because no one will take you seriously with glitter on your face. The glitter distracts a viewer from the natural beauty of your face and eyes. 

8) DON'T GO EMPHASIS CRAZY ... Emphasize one aspect on your face, cheeks, eyes or lips. Especially during the day, your make-up will look too heavy if you do a bold eye and a bold lip. Choose one feature to rock per day. 

Thanks for reading this post, keep an eye on my blog for more beauty posts. If you have any questions feel free to ask :) Christmas wishes to all! 


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